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Elin Ahlström is the chef for No Such Place 2018. She loves greens and is striving for a self sufficient supply through her 5 vegetable gardens. Elin will be providing the fire that cooks our food for the weekend. Prepare your tastebuds for some of her magic!

The stressed, restless guy with a big heart and a lot of FOMO. Always up to something and always get lost. Thats how he describes himself. "My philosophy in life is to follow love. I love creating so I started a company. I love design so I started making

t-shirts. I love music so I started DJ’ing. I love running so I joined Ssideline City Run Club. Following what I love led me here! And most of all I love making people smile and dance so that is exactly what I’m gonna do this summer at No Such Place."
Don’t miss his Fun Club during the weekend! 

Staffan is an entrepreneur with many skills. Aside from being a professional athlete, he guides in the mountains and hosts the only Adventure Racing World Series event in Europe for 2018 in August between Stockholm and Turku, Finland. His extensive list of merits with Gold medals from the World Championships and European Championships just talks about one of his sides. If you ask him about his strive, he'll answer; - "Passion, curiosity and to meet new people!" He has a great interest in history and would love to hear yours. Don’t miss his talk at the festival.

Izabella is back for a second year to capture our long weekend through her magical lens as official photographer. Inspired by people's passion, Izabella is always looking for different way to live life and loves exploring the underwater world. If you look inside her backpack, you will find chopsticks, cutlery, a coffee flask and a water bottle to help reduce the waste that comes with eating food on the go.

With us we are excited to have Amanda Dahllöf. At the core of crew culture in Stockholm as a Co-captain of Ssideline City Run Club, Amandas talk will be heart felt. Find out the simple secrets that have helped to lead her to achieve some incredible feats.

Stockholm based Dj Zabina makes sure you get a blend of Chunky Afrobeats, Soulful Stuff and some Latin Sweetness in the mix! When you don’t find her behind the decks you’ll find her on the dance floor for sure. As part of the Ssidelines crew she always makes sure there is at least as much dancing going on as it is running!

For Bella sustainability starts with people. She believes in exploring and nurturing the self in order to better care for ourselves, others and the planet. Her dream is to help people grow through the practice of attention, awareness and acceptance.
Bella is a certified yoga teacher with a base in Ashtanga yoga, in recent years with inspiration from classic Hatha and Anusara yoga. A typical yoga asana class with Bella includes the encouragement to follow the breath, surrender to what is whilst exploring the movements of the body. Besides her full time office job and teaching yoga she also practice Reiki healing and is currently studying psychotherapy. Bella has always been a seeker and will be forever curious. Join in on her yoga session during the weekend and explore yourself!

Olga prefers monochrome colors and cold synthetic sounds. She likes when music is dark and desperate but it makes sense to her only if it’s dance music. Born and raised in Moscow she found her inner peace (and intense synth scene) in the heart of Södermalm. Her favorite things to do are taking photos, going to gigs and watching her favourite football team winning. She says: “A lot of music that I like is written decades ago but currently the best one is done within 5K radius around my house”. You’ll surely lose yourself dancing to the mix of old and new synth sounds she will bring you. 🖤

Ted Andersson started DJing 20 years ago and has played all the top bars and nightclubs in Stockholm city. He prefers to play vinyl and enjoys funk, disco and RnB. Gathering music for his whole life, Ted still remains surprised when he finds old disco songs he never knew existed.

Luke is an internationally experienced yoga teacher, therapeutic yoga consultant and mindfulness coach. For the last 14 years he has worked in musculoskeletal clinics in New Zealand, lived and practiced qigong and meditation with Shaolin monks in China, studied the traditional art of tantra yoga for two years in Thailand and spent over a month in silence meditating in a Buddhist monastery.

His aim is to make yoga and meditation accessible to everyone and to honour the tradition of yoga whilst using modern scientific studies on its benefits to merge the old with the new. Make sure you get a spot at his mindfulness session!

Canadian-Australian and Ssideliner, DJ Kerri Rusnak, has lived and travelled the world while always remaining connected to her passions: running, rowing, travelling and music. Having lived in 6 countries covering 5 continents, it was the time spent in Berlin that inspired her Deep House and Techno style. Now living in Stockholm, Kerri works in the music industry. "Maybe there really is No Such Place, but music gets me as close to my bliss as I think I can get.”

Let us welcome DJ Bruce Leenus back for the second time at No Such Place! Bruce Leenus has been spinning the records for 28 years and among other things he is the mastermind behind the hip-hop based but musically eclectic club ‘Bring The Noise’. 

He is always searching for new sounds and underground genres to highlight. When he plays you will hear a mix of electro, hip-hop, soul, dub, jungle, disco/house, juke/footwork, skweee and more. DJ Bruce Leenus will make sure you get your feet moving on Saturday night!

As an echo from the acid drenched clubs of east Berlin and nineties Dutch warehause raves, comes Adam Wolfe. His super happy, and high energy music will undoubtedly get you moving. An irresistable mix of retro and modern dance music.

Miguel, the self appointed Spanish World champion is thrilled to host this year's Kubb tournament. Last year's competition was fierce, so rest up your throwing arm, for history is about to be



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