Festival location & Getting there

Friday 6 July

The Friday event will take place at Downtown Camper by Scandic, located in Stockholm city center at Brunkebergstorg 9 (Metro T-Centralen).

Saturday 7 July & Sunday 8 July

The final festival location will remain a secret up until Saturday 7 July.

On Saturday 7 July at 9:00 we will gather at our meeting point, located in Norrtälje, north of Stockholm.


The meeting point is located 50 m from Norrtälje bus station,

address Hantverkaregatan 15:

At the meeting point you will check in and drop your bags/tent.

From Norrtälje we will run, hike or bike the half marathon distance into nature and arrive at No Such Place festival.

Your belongings will be transported from the meeting point to the festival, so you don't need to run with all your gear.

We recommend that you have a trail running backpack and bring water, snacks, phone or anything you might need between the meeting point and No Such Place festival. There will be nothing along the trail. We also recommend wearing long leg pants, parts of the trail is through high grass.

Getting to Norrtälje bus station:

Bus 676 to "Norrtälje Busstation" from "Tekniska Högskolan" in Stockholm.

The ride takes approximately 1 hour.

On Sunday afternoon 8 July you will have the option to run the original half marathon distance back to the meeting point in Norrtälje, or the option to run or hike 5 km to public transport taking you back to our meeting point in Norrtälje. Note that if you biked out on Saturday, you need to bike back on Sunday. You can expect to be back in Norrtälje around 16.00 depending on your pace.

Festival area & Facilities​

The festival area is located out in nature.

There will be a toilet available on site.

We are not able to supply showers.

We will not be able to supply any electricity. If you need to charge your phone we suggest you bring a fully charged portable power bank.


The festival area is located approximately 20 min drive from Norrtälje where there is a hospital and police station.

We have a first aid kit available on site.

Look out for each other and remember to drink water!


Respect the nature.

Respect the animals.

Respect each other.

Respect the neighbours.

Stay within the festival area.

Recycle and use the bins provided.


DO NOT leave cigarette butts or snus on the ground!

No Such Place leaves no tracks. This means that we leave nature as we find it.


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