No Such Place is a small festival that has been inspired by the underground run scene and the mentality of the people involved. Over the last 10 years this scene has grown rapidly and changed running culture from just another one man sport to a community of people embracing togetherness. Its mentality is contagious and comes with an open mind, a willingness to learn and to give back. It is about accessibility, creativity, togetherness and good vibes. The running is just something we all happen to have in common.


Our belief is that the collective voice of this community can have an even greater positive impact. We have changed running for the better, so we can change society for the better.


The climate crisis is a fact. For our planet to survive we need to limit global temperature rise to well below 2 degrees Celsius. To do that we need to reduce our carbon emissions and at the same time clear the atmosphere of some of the carbon dioxide we have already put out there. Being carbon neutral just isn’t enough, we need to become climate positive.


No Such Place vision is to gather the collective voice of this community and influence people to live a climate positive life.


To be climate positive you only need to make three steps:

  1. Analyse your emissions

  2. Reduce your emissions

  3. Bind at least 110% of your total emissions


To be climate positive first you need to become climate neutral. To become climate neutral you need to analyse and calculate your emissions and then reduce them as much as possible. Walk or bike to work instead of taking the bus or car, eat vegan instead of meat and take 5 min showers instead of 20 min for example.


When you’ve analyzed and reduced your emissions as much as you can, the emissions left will need to be climate compensated. To do that you invest in organisations that work with projects that reduce emissions from the atmosphere. Planting trees is one example of actions that reduce emissions. Trees absorb and store carbon dioxide so that it doesn’t go out in to the atmosphere and contribute to global warming.


Now you are climate neutral. You’ve taken actions to reduce your own emissions and you have climate compensated for the rest of them. But to stop the climate change, reach the UN global goals of limiting the global temperature to below 2 degrees Celsius and save our planet for the next generation, it's not enough to be climate neutral, you need to become climate positive. 


To be climate positive means that you bind more greenhouse gases than you emit. So you need to climate compensate for 110% of our total emissions.


It’s important to remember that climate compensating isn’t something you do instead of reducing your own emissions, it is something you do beyond that to reduce emissions more than you can do through your own actions. Climate compensation prevents millions of tons of emissions from being released every year. The climate compensation projects and organisations also contributes to good education, decent working conditions, more green jobs, economic growth, better air quality and increased biodiversity.

(Source: Tricorona)


A climate positive No Such Place 

To make No Such Place a climate positive festival we are doing these things:

  • We analyze our emissions

  • We reduce our emissions 

  • We climate compensate for 110% of our total emissions


As a ticket holder of No Such Place festival we ask you to complete one task. A task that does something good for you, your neighbour and our planet. A task to reduce your emissions and take you one step closer to being climate positive


There are three task options to choose between, you choose one to complete and then communicate it via your social media channel by hashtagging #nosuchplacechallange.


# run commute to work

# vegan day/week/month/year 

# ??


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